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Post  lain on Fri Aug 28, 2009 6:23 am


My account name is Lain playing phantasm, i played quite a while back when the orginal archmage is on, so it was more than 6-7 years ago. The first time i played on this reincarnated server i was very dissapointed by the inactivity of the guide and therefore left. ( I am the only one giving it all to the death list +-+)
Since then its been 1-2 year and i decided to join back. I know that this guild is full and maybe at war, but after checking all guids, i found out that this is the only single guild that have good coordination, control, webpage etc. I currently do not use irc, however, if needed i can be active on it whole day. My previous style of playing is attacking by spamming lots and lots of item and spells which to me was pretty useful. Oh ya, i cant remember the name of my previous guild and etc. it was way too long ago

PS: as i said i know this guild is full, i am willing to wait as long as needed. Since if i join another unactive guild i`ll probably end up leaving again. Thanks.


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